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Throwback to the comical moments when Ghanaians hopped on the #kalyppochallenge

Ghanaians are really lovely and fun to be with, since they are fond of always pulling up mirthful stuff when you least expect it. No wonder people are always saying you cannot be sad in this country. Everybody is literally humorous and will get you laughing no matter how hard you try not to.

I am just taking us back the year 2016 when kalyppo was exalted in the country like it was a king. It was during the election period and people were tensed, hoping their favorite candidate wins. Everyone was tensed till the current president of the republic decided to cause a relief.

A picture of him sucking kalyppo got viral and that was all to start the #kalyppochallenge. People all over the country were taking pictures with kalyppo and were adding a hilarious touch to them. Men were no more taking alcohol at clubs, everywhere was literally painted with kalyppo. I must say the company made its greatest sales during that period because the demand increased.

This article takes us back to some of the hilarious pictures which were taken with the kalyppo juice during those moments.

1. People jokingly used it as their electrical gadget. Over here, you can see that it has been equated to a power bank on the left side and a socket on the right side.

2. This picture is a proof that men were no longer buying beer like they used to, during those times.

3. I present to you fufu with kalyppo. One of the weirdest combinations you will ever see.

4. I wonder how the ECG reacted after seeing this picture. Someone had changed their meter and replaced it with a fruit juice.

5. And here is our sister, pounding fruit juice like it were cassava.

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