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A Bit About Accra And Its Streets

They say home is where your heart is, and a heart wants to love, be wild and free. Spread across so many miles is a city that is home to millions.

A home to people from different background who converse with each other in a range of different accents. Streets connecting the boroughs and the distinct neighbourhood.

The hustle and bustle of a council estate and the posh silence of a premier real estate. Some of us are homeless and some are rich owners of an entire estate.

Admitting to being broke carries no shame, and being filthy rich is not seen with horror or disdain. It is home to people who feel lonely inside, and also home to those who live wild and free. The tube has a rhythm that runs through the city, and the buses carry thousands across the city looking pretty.

Some of us are looking for work while others are tired of being over worked. We can talk to you about high finance, politics, football, arts and everything else under the cloudy sky. And every now and then, the sun shines on the city, turning everything happy and bright. We sing and dance in carnival, we pray to our Gods, and some of us just don’t give a toss.

The world comes to us, and we go to see the world. The city keeps its eyes and arms open. It changes with people and it also changes people.

You can be American, Asian, African, Russian, Arab, European or Latin. Once you have lived in the city, you will realise how much of the city is now in you. Accra may not truly be Ghana but we can see Ghana in Accra.

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