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See 100 Philippines female names and their meanings you can give to your kids

Philippine individuals have probably the most special and sweet names ever. Filipino children are regularly given a Christian name, or western name and the family name. Because of colonization, a great deal of Philippines female names have a Spanish or Italian impact.

When choosing names for your little one, pick a name that you figure they will like. It ought to likewise be what you trust the child's character will resemble.

Philippines female names Philippines names are melodic and remarkable. They are unmistakable and cherished by numerous individuals over the world. Here is a rundown of the best names: Common Philippine female names Most mainstream Philippine names have strict affectation or Biblical references.

Filipino ladies names are likewise obtained from public images like flying creatures and blossoms. The monikers are satisfying to the ears and simple to articulate

Christina - A follower of Christ

Divina - Devine grace

Evangeline - Bearer of good news

Nieves - Snow

Perlita - Pearl

Blessica - To confer blessing up

Mahalia - The Filipino version of Hebrew Mahala, means tenderness.

Carmelita - The garden of Eden

Cassandra - One who shines

Cecilia - Blind

Benilda - Blessed

Emeliana - Strive or excel against a rival.

Reyna - A variation of the Spanish name Reina and means ‘queen

Marisol -Sunflower

Elena - Bright one

Felise - She is lucky

Jasmine - The national flower of the Philippines

Lyka Mae - Pretty face

Carlota - A strong woman

Maricar - Combo of Maria and Carmen

Gabriella - God is my strength

Amalia - Vigor or work

Bianca - White

Iris - Goddess of the rainbow in Greek culture

Bituin - Star

Amihan - Breeze or east wind

Jaslene - Combination of Jas from Jazlyn and Lene

Amor - Love

Althea - Wholesome or to heal

Aurora - Dawn

Joyce - Cheerful

Rosamie - Ambitious and love

Candida - Pure or innocent

Corina - Maiden

Dafrosa - Rose belt

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