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Chandra Nandini Written Update of Full Episode Helena and her mother plan a deadly attack on Nandin

Chandra tries to find out the truth about the woman with a scarred face

In 31 May 2017 episode of Chandra Nandini, we see that Chandra approaches Nandini and apologises for his behavior. Nandini however remains calm and says that this is his regular behavior that he decides anything without giving it a proper thought. Chandra says that he is here to apologize to her and he wants to thank her from the bottom of his heart. Nandini says that whatever she did was for the benefit of her own son and he should not disrespect her by thanking her.

Chandra says that the presents which he gave to her was for the recognition of her efforts but Nandini replies that the presents were of no use to her and she is happy that Bindusara took them and gave them to the people in their kingdom. She says that she is just daasi and is not entitled to receive such precious presents anyways. Nandini takes Chandra's leave and says that she needs to meet Bindusara. But Chandra doesn't let her go. He holds her hand and asks her to tell him if he has forgiven him or not. Nandini says that who is she to forgive the king. She says that she will do whatever he says, if he'll ask her to smile she will, if he'll ask her to cry she will.

Chandra's mother Moora, is happy that Bindusara is getting praises from the kingdom for distributing the precious presents which the king gave to his so called mother, Nandini. But she doesn't consider her mother's advice to forgive Nandini and says that till the time she is proved innocent, she will not be forgiven by her. She says that it doesn't matter if she has saved Bindusara and Chandra from Vishkanya and has risked her life for them. She says that till the time it is proved that Nandini didn't kill her daughter in law, she can't accept her.

Chandra's grandmother thinks that Bindusara is not without a mother, he has his mother with him as Nandini. She hopes that Moora realizes the value of Nandini.

Inside the palace, Chandra finds a painting of scarred woman whom he saw at the time of his son's birth. He gets shocked to see the same painting lying in his palace. But before he could think anything, Nandini comes and he hides that woman's painting and overlaps the one with the picture of his wife Durdhara. Nandini looks at the picture and asks him not to get drifted away in her memories once again. Nandini reminds Chandra of every place where durdhara used to sit, to hide and to spend her time. She asks him not to miss her. She says that she is around somewhere and is taking care of his son Bindusara. Chandra thinks in his heart that he will not forget and forgive the person who killed the mother of his child. He pledges to kill the killer of his wife.

Since Chandra has decided to find out who the woman in the painting was, he leaves the palace with his face covered with the piece of cloth. He follows the woman in the streets of his Kingdom. But before he could find anything the cloth covering his face falls off and the people recognize him. He expresses his gratitude to the people of his kingdom for blessing his son and says that he was amongst them for the same reason.

The scarred woman vanishes from in front of Chandragupta Maurya's eyes. Helena asks the woman to bring the same poison she brought to her the last time. She tells the women that she needs the person to be made as soon as possible.

Nandini and Bindusara spend some time amongst the nature and Nandani decides to bring some fresh fruits for her son. Before she could take a stone and point it at the mangoes Chandra comes and tries his hand at plucking mangoes to impress Nandini. But all his efforts go to a waste and he along with Nandini fail to pluck even one mango from the tree. Chandra then helps Nandini to climb up the tree and pluck lots of mangoes for Bindusara.

But because of the presence of Helena, he misbehaves with Nandini and thinks that if the people will know that he trusts her, then the real killer of Durdhara will not reveal himself. Helena tells her mother that she saw it with her own eyes that Chandra was misbehaving with Nandini because he knows that she is his wife's killer. But Helena's mother asks her to open her eyes and realise that Nandini and Chandrakant lots of time together. Love can very easily happen for them.

Helen's mother tells her that she is planning to kill Nandini. She says that she is planning a big game to kill Nandini this time. She tells Helena that she will add slow poison to Nandini is food just like she did to Durdhara's food.

Inside the palace Nandini finds the painting of the same woman with a scarred face. Before Chandra could tell Nandini who the woman is, Helena and her mother come to him and inform him about the havan she is planning to do. She tells Chandra that she is planning to get a special cook for the savories of this special pooja. She asks for Chandra's permission to send the cook in the kitchen. Chandra agrees and asks Helena to take the permission from his mother as well.

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