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He Shifted it to the Side and Entered - Lady Confesses on Facebook

I was dating this guy but it got to a time he claims to be busy anytime I call him and will promise to call back but it will be weeks or months before he will call me back so because of this I felt I was irrelevant to him so I broke up with him in my mind and heart.

I then got this guy who I now have a baby with. A very nice person who will give to me even if it's in his mouth. We are even planning to get married next year.

But all of a sudden this my ex have popped up apologizing and claiming he loves me and that he was going through a lot that time that's why he didn't get enough time for me but he is promising me to adopt my daughter as his own and makes things right this time. He has also promised to marry as soon as I give him the go ahead.

I think he wants to take revenge but also think it can be true love. I'm confused here. My baby daddy too hasn't done anything wrong for me to leave him. My ex is saying if I don't marry him he will not get married to anyone. I feel for him.

Please I want to know if it's true that your ex can love you genuinely after giving birth with another guy.

Secondly can he take my daughter as his own.

The pressure he is giving me is too much.

Note: it was a long distance relationship.

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