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The deadliest movie ever you shouldn't watch.

Are you a fan of movies, then this information will be very useful to you as we explore to watch more movies .

Movies are there to be educative and entertaining but not all movies are so and one of them is ANTRUM the deadliest movie ever made.

Antrum is mockumentary horror movie written by David Amito and Michael Laicini acted in 1970's but banned and got lost due to dangers attached to it but now discovered again and demands only brave people to watch.

The story is about two siblings, Nathan and Oralee and their pet dog Maxine. Maxine died and worried Nathan asked his mother whether the dog is going to Heaven or not and his mother told him the dog is going to hell because it was a bad dog. Nathan upon hearing this became very anxious and started experiencing disturbing dreams and visions of demons, in effort to ease his mind Oralee takes Nathan to a nearby forest renowned as a place for suicide telling him that's the place Satan landed when cast out of heaven and believes that, they can dig a hole to hell and rescue Maxine .They camped in the woods and started digging and as they dig deeper , disturbing and terrible incident occur. And there were great signs that they are on the way to the devil.

The movie start with ominous warning and have caused some disaster like fire outbreak in Budapest killing about 60 people and caused some many other disasters too.

Antrum is a great is deadliest movie ever but there are other movies like The Ring,John Carpenter and some movies too we need to avoid watching too .

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