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Why Can't Some Ghanaians Respect Our Celebrities; What Has Serwaa Amihere Done to Some People?

Serwaa Amihere not long ago posted beautiful photos of herself and Captioned it with 'love imojies'.

Telling a simple story of how much she loves and appreciate herself. 

Soon after the post, people started commenting, with some appreciating her. 

However, after some time, some badass Ghanaians began commenting with uncooked and uncouth words aimed at demeaning and tarnishing her image. 

It is sometimes unbelievable how some people go under the post of some of these celebrities to rain insult on them. 


How well do you even know these people?

We just watch them on television and thanks to social media, we've gotten the opportunity to follow them.

How close have you come with even your most cherished celebrity?

We only know them from afar and only hear rumors about them. 

This shouldn't be an enough reason for us to insult them and call them 'names' as some have being doing. 

How many of us have taken the trouble to investigate some of the crafted rumors that some of unscrupulous nincompoops spread about them. 

Yet, we unfairly judge them by writing and spewing balderdash. 

Serwaa Amihere is a human being just like any other person and that makes her fallible. 

She has worked hard to be where she is now. 

When she wanted to become a broadcaster and didn't know her way out, she humbled herself and learned. 

She earn her money from the work she does and she can choose how and what she spends her money on. 

Whether she spends it on her body or extravagant clothes, it's none of our business. 

As for who she date, it's her life and even if she ever do something untoward, no one has the moral right to judge her. 

Neither of us has the moral fiber to point accusing fingers at her. 

Let's know that the constant insult and the abusive language we hurl at them cause them psychological and emotional trauma. 

And those who don't have the Emotional Fortitude to handle it, become depressed along the line. 

And the same people who contributed to their predicament with their harsh judgmental voice ends up blaming them. 

If you want to correct or point a mistake out to someone you follow on social media, be kind enough to send them a private message or direct messages. 

Remember that even people who live their lives outside of the public eye, have their own curbwebs they need to clean. 

Below are some of the dirty comments:

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