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The brave female fighter.

Streaming on prime original is a series that displays the life of an orphan teenage girl. The series is named "Hanna" which is the name of the main star in the series.

Hanna is a girl whose mother died when she was a week old leaving her with her step father. Hanna's step father is a formal CIA agent who went rogue and is being looked for by the agency.

As such, Hanna's step father fled with her into a forest where she lived with her step father for fifteen years. During those fifteen years, Hanna was thought how to defend herself in times of trouble and Hanna knew no one else but her step father and later believed him to be her biological father.

As Hanna grew into her teenage years, her father took her into the big city where they continued life. Not long as they got there, the CIA agency came looking for her step father and took him. Hanna escaped with the help of her step father and lived in the city hiding from them.

Hanna is now left alone in the city and is being hunted by the people who took her father.

The series is full drama,action and lots of adventures as Hanna flees from city to city in search of a safe place to live a normal life. The series currently has three seasons with each season having ten episodes.

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CIA Hanna


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