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What Is Wrong With Dreadlocks ?


In his song titled crazy world, Lucky Dube said “So far So good We still living today But we do not know what tomorrow brings in this crazy world” The world has truly become crazy. You will attest to that fact when someone tells you that they can kill someone simply because he decides to live his or her life differently from their expectations. Not that the person is doing anything illegal or anything bad but simply because the person chooses to live his or her life based on principles, principles that seek to please God than man

Everyone seems to have become a law and a nation upon him or herself. Whatever they think is good or right for them should be the law for everyone else regardless of the set down laws that governs us all as a nation

Deciding to grow your hair or turn it into a dreadlock is not a sin. Deciding to make or keep dreadlocks is not illegal as per the constitution of Ghana so why should that become a problem for someone or an institution that seeks to mold and shape the mind and character of young adults to become relevant and a blessing to society?

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