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Ghanaian Pop Star who was sentenced to Death because of 40 Pesewas details out what happened.

One of Ghana's pop Star who was very popular across the country and beyond known as Geman, was a talented musician and dancer who was very big and popular in the 70s through to the 90s. He was the reigning king of Ghana's music industry during his era channeling out all the hit songs. Amid his fame and popularity in the year 1995, something terrible happened to him, and that was it for his music career and brand he had built.

GeeMan was sentenced to Death for shooting a taxi Driver, who had dropped his ex girlfriend at his home. That's how the story was reported and as we speak, GeeMan has in several interviews given detailed analysis on what happened that faithful day. Yes you may be wondering he was sentenced to Death so why is he granting interviews. GeeMan was given presidential pardon from Ex President John Agyekum Kufuor after serving 14 years in Nsawam Prison. The family of the deceased taxi driver also petitioned the state to release him.

Now this is how GeeMan explained the incident, he made it clear that there was no way he planned of killing any one or the taxi driver, he stated that, after the taxi driver dropped his visitor at his home at Dome, They had an argument about his charge. So he gave him 3,000 which is now 30 pesewas but he recommended for 40 Pesewas, so he drove off without taking the money and came back to collect sand from his footsteps and threatened to kill him and everyone in the house.

So he went for his gun and gave a warning shot, to at least scare the taxi driver so he let go of the sand. He further explained that, after arguing with the taxi driver to go back to his house and reverse the curse, on their way to his house he said something which angered the taxi driver to attack, so in his attempt to defend himself from getting hit by the driver, the gun hit the forehead of the driver and without him noticing the gun was automatic and had already reloaded after the firing the warning shot, the bullet went through his skull killing him instantly.

GeeMan explained that, he didn't know or had any idea about guns or how that particular gun works. He reported himself to the police and was accused of murder. He went for appeal at the supreme court for accidental Killing but his plea was overturned. GeeMan is now a pastor and stated that, he's taking care of the late Taxi driver's daughter who is in collage now.

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