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Two Guys caught eagle who couldn't fly on their way to the farm at asankragua, western region, Ghana

There has been a strange news ever, where a Ghanaian man can catch an eagle, alive, and this has happened in Ghana, at the part of the western region in a noble town known as asankragua (asanko).

Two valiant obscure folks have gotten an Eagle with their uncovered hands as indicated by a video risked upon by via online media. 

As per them, they tracked down the risky bird on their way to their ranch and saw that it can't fly true to form thus they raced to hit the neck with a stick. 

They proceeded with that they didn't fight it a lot to snatch it since it would appear that an infant.

They saw this eagle who couldn't fly, but at the first glance, they thought it was the mother or grown eagle so they were afraid, to approach it, because it is a risky birth, king of all birds.

When they approach it, they saw that it was a baby, who is now learning how to fly, it couldn't fly, but if you look at its size, you could see that, the baby eagle is bigger than a grown sheep in terms of size.

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