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She Is Not Just A Pure Water Seller, Checkout What She Wrote On A Cardboard Placed On Her Chest

One thing about life is, once you are alive, healthy and strong, nothing stops you from doing whatever it takes to make a legitimate living for yourself.

In this time and age, many people want it the easy way. While some choose to go into crime. Those who hustle hard and even multi-task eventually get their big break in the end.

The story I am sharing today is a very touching one. A man on Twitter known by the username Shedrack Amonoo Crabe shared the story of a young lady who sells pure water. Her story is so unique because of what was boldly written on a cardboard on her chest.

She wrote: "If you want to wash your cloths, please call.."

Shedrack decided to take her picture with permission and posted with this caption:

"I saw Her on the street and I feel, I also have to Contribute by Sharing it around,

If you’re Around Dansoman, Kaneshie, odorkor, mallam

Pls can contact Her for your laundry service 🙏

You can Also Share it As Well 🙏🏿🙏🏿."

So touching right? She sells pure water everyday under the hot sun and still do laundry for people on the side. It's not just about that, but how she carries the cardboard with her advert around without feeling shy. So recommendable I must say. May this be a turning point in her life. People will locate her and uplift her.

Judging by some comments, I guess she will get help:

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Shedrack Amonoo


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