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When Editing Goes Wrong- See Funny Pictures

Everyone has a variety of ways of expressing themselves, but the most famous is laughter. Every second, the sound of laughter can be heard all over the world, relieving tension and making us feel better about ourselves. Comedy films are extremely effective in making us laugh. There are several types of movies available all over the internet. Despite the recent rise of action and horror films, comedy films have always been my first preference because they encourage audiences to reflect on humor in their lives, they always have a meaningless, futile moral that we can connect to, and they allow you to see it in a different light which helps to potentially expand your horizons.

Scenes that can't be shot in real life uses special effects.African movies take this skill to the next level. Some editing in our movies seems to be too much. Some being over-edited and others below standard. But that's not the point here, at least they are able to convey the message they intend to and also make us laugh in the end. Here are some photos to make your day.

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