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Do you know your traditions? Gifty Anti wishes all a Happy Akwasidae day.

Oheneyere Gifty Anti wishes all Ghanaians a Happy Akwasidae day. She shared some beautiful pictures of her palace and chief and took the opportunity to wish and advise Ghanaian to make an effort to know more about their traditions.

She said: "Happy Akwasidae to you all.  

Today, make an effort to know about your history, your ancestry, your tribe, ethnic group, your hometown or village. 

Today, get to know and understand your identity (multiple or not). 

God did not make a mistake by giving you this unique history and identity. 

We have a beautiful tradition and culture."

Oheneyere Gifty Anti and husband, Nana Kwao IV are royals of the Akwamu palace. This place is located in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The royal house of Nana Kwao is observing today's tradition in their palace and have shared beautiful pictures taking into consideration the Covid 19 protocols.

Akwasidae is an Akan festival celebrated by the Ashanti's of Asanteman. You do remember that the Ashanti's were the ones to go to war with the British? They are a confident people.

The Akan yearly calendar is divisioned into nine parts. Each lasts six weeks which varies between 40-42 days in a period. The Adae festival is a celebration of this period.

The Adae festival has two celebration days: the Awukudae which is celebrated on Wednesday within a period and the Akwasidae which is celebrated on Sundays.

Do you know why today's is Akwasidae? The Akans gain a soul name depending on which day one is given birth to. So every Sunday born is Kwasi and that is why today's celebration is called Akwasidae (Rituals to be held on Sunday).

Which Ghanaian tradition do you know? Please comment right below the article.

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