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Last Episode, Final Of UTV My Enemy Telenovela, What Will Happen To Liliana, Franco, Freda And Barba .

My enemy Telenovela has really made Ghanaian proud and has got many viewers watching . It is indeed an exciting movie. It has been long since we started watching this series . Many people have been asking this question, ''What will be happening to Freda , Franco , Barba , Santiago , Mr Ganza , Damian , Lucio , Liliana , Mr Ntiamoah , Erica , Mikel and the other characters in the movie? Today is your lucky day , am going to give you the last episode story line so that you would know what happens to those acting on the good side and those on the bad side. Do not forget to like , share and follow my page for more exciting feeds.

So in the last episode , Mr Ganza will be very ill due to the medicine Barba has been giving to him. So on his sick bed all his children will go and visit him , that is the time Freda will bring Lilian to the hospital where his father is . Mr Ganza was really shocked to see Lilian because he taught she was still kidnapped . As soon as Mr Ganza is well, they will make sure Barba is arrested . She will be sent to court and then will be sentenced to prison . But on her way out from the court , Barba will pretend as if she has fainted , when there was no one in the room she was sent to , she poured spirit on her self and burnt herself to ashes.

Finally Barba is no more , Mikel will fall in love with Lilian . Priscilla will give birth to her baby but it will come out that the baby does not carry the blood of the Ganza's . This will get Anaifi in trouble. Freda dream of building a school in their town plus the community center will finally come through with the help of Franco also known as Edward .

Edward and Freda will come together again . Kino will spend his life in prison ,Santiago will be together with his girlfriend and baby , Anaifi post as Managing director will be taken away from him , he will work in the stables of the company where the cow milks is been retrieved . Last of all , you know what will happen? There will be a wedding , Who's wedding ? Edward and Freda will get married .

Happy of what you read ,like, forward , share and follow for more exciting articles. Another article is coming on double character , so follow to get you posted . Bye.

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