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Understanding what love is

What comes to mind when you hear the words “I love you”? Does it trigger good memories or bad ones? Have you ever been stuck by the love bug?

Well your guess is as good as mine.

In deed every Tom, Dick and Harry on the face of the earth has a story to tell, whether good or bad.

However there is indeed a very thin line between love and hatred.

Socrates once said, within our deepest desires often lies our deadliest hatred.

It is quite sad, puzzling and mind bugling, to fully grasp how sweethearts morph into bitterest of adversaries.

The first page of every love story, is beautiful. The feeling is synanymous to a soothing breeze, which blows at night as you watch the stars through the windows. Nothing in the world can compare to this feeling. Love in itself is an emotion so powerful that, with it everything is


A pool of emotion clouds every decision you make and every sacrifice you take. Everything you give is something lost in the battle of happiness. Love can build a bridge between hearts. 

This powerful emotion is governed by a set of rules that defies the laws of logic and reason. It is the only language that the heart speaks.

Just like everything in this life, love could become a roller-coaster ride laced in myriad layers of ups and downs. The good times stirs memories we could savor, that which lingers in our thoughts forever. We take pictures, just to relive every happy moment.

The good times embodies us, in every sphere of our lives. After all, what is life without “love” ?Someone to share this beautiful experience with. Life without love is all but vanity. Love gives mea The bad times leaves an indellible mark in our lives. Often times, we lose a part of ourselves especially if the love lived through time. We never come out the same, it affects our subsequent relationships, makes some people bitter, develop phobias and some people ply the road of suicide, for the cold hands of death to lay them captive.

The rippling effects associated with divorces and break ups could be so grave that it often envelopes people in a state of despondency.

Understand that, love is not all rosy. It has its fair share of ups and downs. It takes commitment, sacrifice, understanding, to navigate through the murky waters of relationships.

So guys before you spew forth the three magical words which will liberate your lonesome heart”. Make sure you really really mean it.

When you get to this stage, you are then ready to propose love to your lady.

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