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After the First Round, This Is What I Saw My Son Doing With My Wife And Her Sister

So many things have been happening in my home and as a matter of fact I will never aware of any of them till I faked about going to work but returned home without anyone knowing that I was in the house.

People normally say that, wives are not to be trusted but my wife was the most trusted person I have ever known. I trusted her with my all, even as I'm writing this sad story I still doubt what I saw.

This life they say is worthless without having someone you could trust. It is true I lied to them about going to work, but because I have always suspected my wife of cheating I decided to come back and stay in the guest room without them knowing.

I decided to do some exercise before surprising her or sneaking on her, so I used the skipping rope in the room to keep myself busy, so after the first round of the exercise I decided go to my room.

Upon getting there, I over head two ladies voices and a very deep voice that showed that there was a man in my bed room. I hurriedly open the door and I saw my wife and my two children making out on my bed.

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