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"I Trained Her In The University, Built House For Her", Man Rejected By Fiancée In Proposal Video.

The man who was rejected by his life fiancee of 5 years after he had gone through his well earn cash in putting her in the university and building a house for her family, has at long last opened up. 

In a video that immediately became famous online, the man was seen pursuing the young lady he thought was the adoration for his life, while the young lady was furiously discrediting and scattering his progression towards her. 

The man kept on asking the young lady stooping down and kneeling on the mud, beseeching her to acknowledge his proposals to wed her, however all without any result. The young lady later left the man in tears and awfulness and left with no pity nor regret. 

'I trained her in the University', the man known as Mr. Ekeh said to news journalist.

Man rejected by fiancee in viral proposal video opens up.

Mr Ekeh Nnamdi who rolls on mud after his darling Miss Charity Odunze rejected his proposal at Relief Market, Owerri, Imo State, says he feels baffled that his proposition was turned down. 

Mr Ekeh who is a bricklayer while addressing writers said from his little salary, he trained Miss Charity Odunze in the University just to be dumped following 5 years. 

Ekeh exhorted men to utilize their cash for betting than putting resources into any lady. 

Ekeh likewise expressed that Miss Charity is the third lady to treat him in such a way, he reasoned that greater part of ladies out there are fraudsters who considers relationship to be chance to hoodwink honest men.

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