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DATE RUSH - Grandpa was the perfect match for Ruby. Check out the reason why.

Date Rush, everyone truly deserves love.

The number one most watched TV program on every Sunday evening is the TV3 Date Rush show - the show which makes it so quick for people to get a love.

There are have been countless gorgeous contestants who have been on the Date Rush show to look for love - season 1 to 5.

Grandpa and Ruby are part of the stunning people who have mounted on the show to look for love - Date Rush season 5.

The rules of the show demands one's Rush to be put off if not interested in one for a date - which sometimes is very disappointing for most of the contestants on the show.

Ruby was one of the two ladies who were on the show to find a date on last Sunday's episode- but very unfortunately all the ten guys on the show turned their rushes off signifying that they were not interested in her.

But the lovers of Date Rush show is still contemplating why Grandpa didn't turn on his Rush for Ruby.

This is because, Grandpa looked a little bit matured on the show to have perfectly gone on a date with Ruby as she also appeared to be matured.

Grandpa and Ruby could have gotten along very well if they had given each other the chance - love story.

In fact, Ruby got the most disappointments ever on the Date Rush show when all the ten gentlemen turned off all their rushes on the first decision made.

I think Grandpa and Ruby should make way to get to know themselves since the both of them look matured.

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