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"A Funny Thief" Take A Look At This Thief Who Stole And got people Annoyed.

On account of digitization, most Ghanaian homes are currently utilizing fluid precious stone showcase (LCD) TVs. The 'old' kind of TV, privately called 'atikor por television' is practically out of the framework. In view of the level screen TVs, most Ghanaians presently feel bashful to try and utilize the 'atikor por television' in their lounge rooms.

Thus, numerous Ghanaians were stunned in the wake of going over this person who broke into somebody's room just to take 'atikor por television'. Watching the video cautiously, you can see that the inhabitants made him convey the TV that he took. His look likewise shows that he has been beaten before they requested that he convey the TV.

A few essential understudies were caught in the video hooting at this hoodlum. This is a young fellow presumably between the ages of 18 and 25 years. So individuals were asking why a vigorous man chose to take an old TV as opposed to trying sincerely and purchasing another TV for himself.

Some Ghanaians subsequent to watching the video said that the courteous fellow has disheartened them. They contended that the TV he took is as of now not important in the framework. Others were simply snickering at the person as they began that there should be a major issue with his reasoning.

Content created and supplied by: A.Rahamanmanaf (via Opera News )

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