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Tough Decision; Wedaga Vs Sarfoa Who's The Queen As Both Show Same Energy, Awards And Consistency

This year's edition of the TV3 Ghana Most Beautiful beauty pageants show promises to be one of the toughest to get a winner, expecially between fan favourites, Sarfoa of Ashanti Region and Wedaga of the Upper East Region.

The TV 3 Ghana Most Beautiful is a beauty pageant show where young girls from all the sixteen regions of Ghana come to showcase what they know about their culture. The programme is always full of fun and thrilling display of cultural heritage.

Just like every competition, some will be evicted while some will sail through to the finals. The eviction has already started with atleast five ladies from five regions already gone.

Many fans have already started coming up with their predictions from the performance of the various contestants. The two favourite contestants who have caught our attention is between Wedaga and Sarfoa. The reason why they have caught our attention is simple. They are all excellently performing making it difficult to choose one over the other.

As it stands now, if all things being equal, any of the two contestants can win the crown. They are both consistent since the beginning of the show. Each week, one or both of them wins an award. Mostly, they alternate the awards, Wedaga will win most Eloquent and Sarfoa will win star performer of the night. Where Wedaga wins the star performer, Sarfoa wins the most Eloquent Performer.

This makes it a tough decision to choose who will be crowned as the queen this year. What are your thoughts?

Content created and supplied by: AlRagadawu (via Opera News )

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