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The tattoos on my right hand side represent powers but my son's own stands for something deep

Fameye is one of the fast growing Artistes Ghana and Africa have developed. His passion for music became stronger when he was in high school. He was once part of the MTN Hitmaker reality show which has produced award winning sensations like Kuami Eugene, Kidi, Kurlsongz, among others.

Fameye's life story is so touching and inspiring considering the fact that he lost both parents when he was only a year old. Though, he was taken care of by his grandmother, he had to face life's challenges without parents being around to show him support, comfort and encouragement when needed the most.

According to him, he has become one of the fast rising Ghanaian artistes since he has been able to develop a tough skin for life due to experiences encountered whiles growing up.

This week on Entertainment Wahala seat with AB General, featured award winning Artiste, Fameye who made shocking revealations concerning the tattoos on his body on Atinka television. 

"Well, I haven't taken note of the number of tattoos on my body because they are not much even though I know their meanings. In the first place, one of the tattoos on my right hand side represents powers but my son's own stands for something different. As a matter of fact, the tattoo on my right hand of my son is just to remind me of him."

"I didn 't see my parents whiles growing and so missed such great moments. And so, me having a son, I want to show him all the love, care and support I never experienced from parents though it wasn't their fault. The cold hands of death took them away." He laments.

"My next tattoo represents powers. It keeps me going no matter what. When I even get on stage, I feel the power to do what I am passionate for which is the music I do. This one represents the music I do. It is a drawing of what music melody stands for. And since I love music, it also reminds me of my passion for the music I do," He boldly stated.

"I have not travelled to many countries but the tattoos you see on my hands represent the few countries I have travelled to. Though I don't intend to do more," Fameye added.

Tattoos are a popular works of art and numerous celebrities choose to go under the needle. It is mostly seen on most Celebrities especially musicians. Some have their personal reasons to why they have tattoos on their bodies whiles others do so for fashion and for the love of it. 

There have been some musicians like Stonebwoy who has a tattoo of his mother just to serve as great reminder of his beloved late mother. Though the reason behind the tattoo might sound good and inspiring to them but people have also wondered if they really know the implications of having tattoos on their bodies. 

Some people go into relationship and even into friendship having tattoos of each other in order to show bond or trust between them. But the question is that what if they break off as partners in relationship or friends, what will become of the tattoos done? 

Therefore, dear reader, do you think it's adviceable for one to have tattoos on their bodies concerning the fact that it's disadvantages outway the advantages?

Again, how will you feel having a tattoo of your best friend, loved one or partner on your body and you break up with the person. Keeping the tattoo on your body too will remind you of the pain you went through because of that person. Mind you, robbing the tattoo from your body also has it's own consequences.  

What will you do about it then?

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