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Ghanaian's are fools, the Igbo on “Oman Bo Adwo” is gibberish - Aberekyireba Kofi Sammy reveals

Incredible Ghanaian highlife performer Aberekyireba Kofi Sammy has said his Igbo refrain on Nana Kwame Ampadu's hit melody "Oman Bo Adwo" was simply jabber and that the stanza has no significance.  

The sluggish beat tune which rules burial service playlists in Ghana and some African nations is striking for its 'Igbo' stanza sang by Ampadu's musician Aberekyireba Kofi Sammy. 

"A couple of words were Igbo," Aberekyireba Kofi Sammy revealed to Abeiku Santana on OKAY FM yesterday, adding, "the rest were hogwash. Every one of the words amount to nothing." 

Another highlife legend, Kaakyere Kwame Appiah, who was available during the meeting likewise believed that the section emerged from innovativeness and that the training is permitted in music. 

He said Stonebwoy's section on his hit single "Putuu" is only an illustration of utilizing jabber words out of inventiveness. 

"It is inventiveness and it is permitted in music," Kaakyere Kwame Appiah revealed to Abeiku Santana. 

However, Aberekyireba Kofi Sammy has clarified that his section is jabber and has no evident importance, adding that it was simply added to add some flavor to the whole melody.

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