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Please Bury Me In Antoa; White Man Begged His Family As They Flew His Dead Body In A Plane To Ghana

" Please bury me in Antoa. I love their culture, forests and environment. Moreover I have wife there".

This is how a white man Erhard Jochen Plotner reportedly begged his family members to kindly bury him in Antoa in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Indeed, his family granted his wish and flew him in an aeroplane all the way to Ghana.

Throwing more light on the mixed feeling occasion, Mr. Akwasi Afrifa Akoto explained on Facebook that, Mr Plotner visited Ghana some years ago. Upon Arrival he fell in love with a beautiful woman in the spiritually famous town of Antoa.

After being led to perform the Akan customary marriage rites, he decided to add some of his Ghanaian newly found family in his will. His greatest plea was to be buried in Antoa with a kente adorned on him.

Indeed, the residents of Antoa witnessed Mr Plotner's funeral. His Ghanaian wife Mary, whom he chose to call Marilyn performed widowhood rites.

It's so interesting. Isn't it ? Perhaps, very soon, his tomb could serve as a tourist attraction in Antoa.

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