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Ever wondered how the face of the Woman in Tom and Jerry looks like, Let's find out

Tom and Jerry is an American cartoon series. It features a cat and a mouse, the cat is known as Tom and the mouse is known as Jerry. The series has it that the cat likes chasing after the mouse just like real life cat and mouse. It's also a comedy series and most people even adults like it.

It was written by one American man who passed away not long ago. This man was a legend in the sense that for he was creative and for him to come out with such cartoon was a nice and creative idea.

There is actually a woman in the series whose face has never shown in the series and many people keeps wondering how the face of this woman looks like. She is always beating Tom here and there and refusing him food in the series. It looks like the main enemy of Tom in the series is the woman.

So now let's find out how the woman looks like in Tom and Jerry.

So now you know how this woman looks like. This is the actual face of the woman in Tom and Jerry.

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