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Sam Adjetefyio, 'Taxi Driver' Lead Actor Has Gone Viral Again:Explains Current Situation in Video

The lead actor of the series in the nineties duped 'Taxi Driver' has gone viral recently. It was surprising that the lead actor of the popular television show could come on social media appealing for an amount of three thousand Ghana Cedis to pay his rent or risk becoming homeless as he might be evicted from his rented apartment.

A lot of Ghanaians could not understand the reason why the famous lead actor could be in such a situation today. As several benevolent individuals came in to donate to rescue him out of his predicament, Ghanaians are still wondering why the lead actor could find himself in such a situation.

In an interview on Metro TV, the lead actor has tried his best to explain to the well-meaning Ghanaians as to why he could be struggling to pay his rent today. He tries to erase the mindset of Ghanaians on him that he has a lot of money. He blames his whole predicament on the cheating that was meted to him during the acting of the television series.

According to him, he was supposed to be paid three hundred thousand old cedis for every episode, but he was paid a hundred thousand Cedis which he has estimated to be equivalent to ten Ghana Cedis today. The instruction for him to be paid three hundred thousand old Cedis was given by a man he has referred to as John K.

Sam Adjetefyio has explained that although he was taking a hundred thousand old cedis, currently ten Ghana Cedis, some of his other colleagues were taking three hundred thousand old cedis. He went on to explain that one of his colleagues has confided in him recently in relation to the amount of money he was taking at that time.

Do you think that that could be the cause of his predicament?



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