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The Good Old Days: A Minute Silence For Araba Stamp, Katawere, And Other Movie Icons Who Have Died

The television screens of Ghana were full of fun and education back in the days. Some great actors and actresses gave people the reasons to run to their televisions sets whenever their programs were being shown.

These movie icons featured in several series and movies that made Ghana one of the best countries with talented actors and actresses.

However, as days go by, most of these movie icons have been whisked away by death. Death they say cannot be controlled but it is gratifying to die at an old age.

Most of these actors and actresses left peacefully to their maker and their memories keep lingering in the minds of Ghanaians.

This article has gathered some five of these movie icons including Araba Stamp and Katawere who are currently no more.

Araba Stamp

Margaret Quainoo as her real name, Araba Stamp became one of the female moviemakers in Ghana whose style of acting was unique.

Araba Stamp became very popular after she was featured in a movie known as I TOLD YOU SO in 1957. She was also featured in the popular Efiawura Televisions series.

Araba Stamp was born in 1936 and died on July 12, 2006. Araba stamp was seventy years.


Born in 1938, Ebenezer Donkor was his real name and featured in several movies. Katawere was mainly glued to the Kumawood movie industry where he played several entertaining roles.

He is one of the few actors who made the Kumawood movie industry to become the favorite in Ghana. Katawere also featured in the popular Efiawura Television Series before joining his maker at the age of seventy-seven.


If there was any movie actor who entertained Ghanaians on the television back in the days, the name of Santo cannot be left out.

John Kojo Bosompen as his real name, Santo featured in several movies with his counterpart, Judas. He was one of the few actors who made Concert Party a favorite television series for most Ghanaians.

The memory of Santo is still fresh in the minds of Ghanaians due to his comic style of acting. Santo was born in 1935 and died in 2002. He was sixty-seven.

Abusuapanyin Koo Nimo

Agya Koo Nimo as he was popularly called became part of the Concert Party group. His style of stage play made him compatible with the likes of Santa, Judas, Katawere, and many others on the stage of the National Theater. He later rose to feature in some memorable movies. Born in 1933, Abusuapanyin Koo Nimo died in 2017. He was 84 years.

Jordan Amartey

Jordan Amartey was also featured in several movies in Ghana. He was one of the few moviemakers who was fluent in the English language and that earned him different roles.

Jordan Amartey was popularly known as Sugar Daddy. He was born in 1936 and died in 2018. Sugar Daddy was eighty-two years.

May the souls of these memorable movie icons rest in peace.

Content created and supplied by: BeaNana (via Opera News )

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