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Sad story: When I told Sarah my renumeration was 20k a month, he said I could not sustain her needs

I have been with sarah for quite some time now. When I told her my renumeration was 20k a month, she said that with that kind of money, she could sustain her needs.

Another year went by and I came back with my salary at 42k (naira), she said it was good but still not enough to sustain her. Another year passed and I came back saying it was 60k. She looked at me in the face and said it was fine but needed more.

When I told her that I was a salaried mechanic, she said that I should look for a girl of my level. J cried for sometjme because I was deeply hurt.

Age was catching up to me so I tooked Maryline in. She didn't care how much I had, all she neede was my attention and commitment in our relationship. She didn't care I came home in an oleaginous overall. All she cared was that, I was only working hard off my job and earning clean money.

She didn't ask questions when I came home without a Black kaveera all she did was smile and put improvised for dinner. Now I earn 400k (naira) a month. I drive a red Subaru car.

Sarah, my ex girlfriend is here asking me out. Now J have my own house and Sarah is calling me all the time asking me to settle down with her but I already have Maryline.

Sarah says she could do anything to be my second wife. I am telling her no and she is planning on committing a suicide. Yelling its me she wants.

I could be with Sarah because she is a classy girl who needed exotic maintenance but she is now saying she doesn't care about the exotic, classic Givenchy and Paris handbags.

I couldn't be with her at first because I was a mechanic and too dirty a man for a girl as Sarah. She is now saying, my job description doesn't matter to her anymore and that everything she did was to test me.


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