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Meet Kwame Bofrot, The Most Trending white Guy In Ghana And His Unique "Twi" Video - (Funny Video)

There are so many whites who speak our local language, thus twi and the other language in Ghana. We have seen so many of them, on tv, on, radio, in our schools, and so many places. But there is this one unusual white young guy who has got many Ghanaians shocked and wondering.

Bofrot Becomes A Teacher! - YouTube

Kwame Bofrot, a white guy with a name like this, imagine what he can do. This Kwame Bofrot guy has been on social media platforms for a while and he has so many lovers from Ghana for because of his style of video and the way he speaks his language.

Ghanas Own Kwame Bofrot With The Rants - TRY NOT TO LAUGH - YouTube

He is said to bring the latest trend on TikTok every day and trust me he is an icon because of what he does. I was scrolling through my Instagram page and I saw his video but it shocked be and so I wanted to share it with you here.

In the video he was saying something like, some people have started playing on Instagram by creating Instagram accounts for their dogs. According to him, he finds that as a waste if meet, time, and bundle because some parts of the world are using dogs to a meet and they are there creating Instagram account for theirs.

He also said what shocked him was, He woke up one early morning and he saw friendly request notification on his phone thinking it was some fine "Chingiligi" means pretty girl in his DM. He quickly took his phone to accept and all he could find was a dog, thus a dog has sent her friendly request.

The FUNNIEST White guy who Speaks Twi and GH English, KWAME BOFROT ...

This guy is really funny and I think he really deserves awards for his kind of simple but funny videos.

You watch the video below and you will see him yourself:

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Meet Kwame buffloaf His Twi Will With The Latest Trends Follow @trendyghofficial for more
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