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I regret leaving behind my business, I paid GHS15K to a travel agent - Greece-based Ghanaian

A Greece-based Ghanaian, Veronica has shared her regrets for leaving behind her business for Turkey, where she crossed the Mediterranean Sea to Greece. 

In an interview on Daily Hustle Worldwide, Madam Veronica revealed that she paid about GHS15K to a travel agent who told her she could easily go to Germany from Turkey. However, this was a lie. Veronica and three others risked their lives to cross the Mediterranean Sea for Greece. 

“I was pregnant then, and the agent told me Turkey was part of Europe. So I thought I would get documents after giving birth there. I only realised it was a lie when I got there, and everyone was leaving for Greece. 

I got arrested twice while trying to cross the sea. I was in jail for two months. I only made it to Greece on my third attempt. While on our way, 35 people who first crossed the sea died. We found their inflatable boat while on our way,” she disclosed. 

Veronica mentioned that many foreign nationals in Greece are stuck and unable to work or return to their countries. According to her, the Greek people do not accept foreigners and refuse to give them work permits. 

“Many Ghanaians choose to walk to Europe. The ones left have been here for over 30 years. They’ve not been able to make the road journey to Europe or come to Ghana. Their jobs are almost hand-to-mouth, so they can’t sustain you,” she added. 

Kindly watch the full interview below;

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