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"You are a disgrace to your family if you are doing this for fame" - Disappointed Ghanaians

Democracy has paved the way for every individual to express him or herself without any form of punishment only if it is expressed according to the constitution. In some cases, some rights should be taken away from a particular group of people because they have observantly overused them.

The Internet has contributed both positively and negatively to the lives of men. In some instances, a particular group of people has decided to misuse the ethics of the internet to influencer people to follow their paths. There's a certain gentleman of Facebook known as Immaculate Skybosse Brightlyn Woody who has been influencing a couple of people.

This guy calls himself Ghana Bobrisky and has decided to follow the path of the famous Nigeria celebrity "Bobrisky". When this guy began to post a picture of himself on the web, it got a couple of concerned citizens commenting and rebuking him against such acts whiles other people kept on praising him to continue what he has planned to start.

Readers should have a look at some of the comments made on his post which shows people were displeased with his actions:

It was very painful to see such a young man with this type of dream. It is not as if people were trying to discourage him from achieving his aims in life but to take him off from the path he has taken. People may give the blame to the society he comes from, the parents, the religion, the school. What if the problem is from the child himself? What if he is too difficult to control?

One interesting thing about this gentleman is, he can dress like a lady and sneak into public without being shy or being afraid. He has been able to convince a couple of people to dress like him and take the style of a woman so that they can win fame from Ghanaians.

In my own opinion, I would advise these young men to desist from such acts because it will gradually tarnish the image of their family. Even though some might think it is dream chasing but this will mislead these young men. Again, to our lovely parents reading this article, please do well to train your children in a manner that they could become something more useful to your family and Ghana in totality.

What is your opinion on the acts of these young men? Let me know your opinion in the comment section.

Thank you so much for your time on this article. Please share, comment and follow me for more interesting stuff.

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