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Check These 6 Benefits Of SOBOLO That Inspired Stonebwoy To Composed His Song.

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To start with, let's talk about what SOBOLO is.Sobolo also known as Hibiscus Tea , it's a local refreshing drink native to Ghana.It is made out of roselle leaves or a species of hibiscus that is from West Africa . It's can be easily identified by its dark purple-red in colour.

Stonebwoy is one of the famous Ghanaian public figures (musician) we can never get rid of when it comes music. He likes music and whenever he releases a song, it become a hit. Just recently he released a song titled SOBOLO and it was all over the world.The reason why this SOBOLO was all over the world is that, the product itself has been pertronized by many people because it is beneficial to everyone who knows something about it.

How SOBOLO is prepared and its benefits to our health.


1.Gently clean the leaves and soak in a container and add 1 litre of water for one night.

2.Strain the mixture from the chaff slowly.

3.Boil the water remains, allow it to cool before adding some to the mixture.

4.Drain the mixture using a fine strainer or clean clothes.

5.Add little sugar to and stir to dissolve and allow it to settle for at least 30 minutes

6. Transfer the mixture to a presentable bottle and put it into a fridge. Now it's ready to use.


1.It promotes liver health.It contains calcium oxalate that breaks down kidney stones.

2.It regulates blood sugar

3.It also boosts the immune system

4. It helps to lose weight.

5. It also ensures digestion to take place easily.

Stonebwoy in his own idea knew that everybody knows what SOBOLO is, and it's common to everyone that is Why he used it in his song and it really work out for him.

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