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Clever Madman washes his "cucumber" before putting it in the "Vijay" of a madwoman (video)

Clever Madman has been identified taking advantage of another madwoman in public.

In a circulating video, a clever Madman has been captured washing his manhood "cucumber" before putting it in the womanhood "Vijay" of a madwoman.

In the video, the madwoman was lying down carelessly while the madman chop her in public. The madman man seem to enjoy the scene but the woman seem not to care about the man having affair with her at all. She did even feel anything when the madman put his big "cucumber" into her "Vijay".

According to residents of the area, the man who they think is not mad but always discard himself as mad, usually do this to the madwoman.

They revealed that initially the madwoman used to cry when the man is having an affair with her but recently she do not even move when the man is doing it.

Is there no institutions in this country that is response for the behaviors of mad persons in this country?

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