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Nana Agradaa Arrested and Two TV stations closed down.

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The current trending News is about the arrest and closing down of 2 TV stations of one of the most popular fetish priest in Ghana here Nana Agradaa.

As we all know, NanaAgradaa advertises her “Sika Gari” on her TV station, which she claims is her god that multiplies money with some rituals she makes. She has admitted to this and is in custody assisting with further investigations.

According to, the joint operation which was in collaboration with the National Communications Authority took place on Tuesday, April 20, 2021.

The news website gathered that the TV stations namely, Thunder TV and Ice1 TV, were illegally transmitting at Kasoa in the Central Region without licenses.

During the process, the officials seized two (2) pieces of equipment each used in the illegal transmission.

The action by the authorities comes in the wake of heightened calls by the general public on the regulators of the media space to sanitise the system and get rid of content that destroys public order and morality.

The calls follow the recent killing of a 10-year-old boy at Kasoa in the Central region by some teenagers for alleged money rituals.

The incident which attracted widespread condemnation was attributed to adverts for money rituals on TV. The young suspects were said to have watched one of such adverts and got in touch with a Fetish Priest in the Volta Region to help them make money.

People are given lots of comments about the incident. Someone even made a funny comment that she should have vanishes, since she claims to have power, see image down below.

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