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How the Gold coasters saw the Europeans and the origin of the name they gave them.

The first Europeans to set foot on the Coast of Ghana the then Gold Coast were the Portuguese in 1471. They came ashore at Elmina

Elmina which is a Portuguese word for the mines because of the abundance of gold at the Shore. The British equally called it Gold Coast for the same reason when they arrived later on.

The Europeans claimed they came to trade with the Africans but in actual fact, they came with a diabolical mind. They cheated the Africans. These Europeans exchange tattered clothes, spoilt kettle and many other disused items for Gold with the Africans of the Gold Coasters

These Europeans might have thought the Gold Coasters were naive or probably stupid to have exchange their precious Gold for Rubbish. On the contrary, the Gold Coasters were just pitying these Europeans because in our culture as Gold Coasters then and Ghanaian now is to welcome the stranger with maximum hospitality, give him cool water, feed him with the best food in the house and give him a safe place to rest. This hospitality, the European were naive about and had thought the Gold Coasters were stupid to have to exchange gold for their rubbish.

These Europeans having received all the hospitality, kept coming to the Gold Coast for more. The Dutch, the Danes the German, the British all came with their rubbish for Gold. 

This persistent corrupt and fraudulent attitude and behavior of the Europeans in the Gold Coast made the Gold Coasters to call them by various names. 

The Akans call them ‘Abroni’ or ‘obroni’ translated the cheat likewise the Ga Dangme ‘Abrofoee’ also meaning the cheats. For the Ewes, the European are referred to as ‘Ayevuwo’ translated the trickster dogs. 

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