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Deep Secrets of Alligator Pepper And Other Benefits

Alot of people knows the normal Use of the Alligator pepper but don't know of the Spiritual benefits of the Alligator pepper.

It can be Used to for spiritual purpose and there are whole lot of other benefits that can be derived from alligator pepper.

I will show you THREE (3) Use of Alligator pepper:

1. You can use Alligator pepper to Either Bless or Curse someone. While you Chew the Seed of the Alligator pepper, whatever you say while chewing it can come to pass, either it's good or bad but I will advice we use our mouth to say good things, no matter the offence.

2. Alligator pepper is very effective when you burry it on the ground for 21 days before using it.

3. After you had given birth, people will come to visit, some will rejoice and some will have other evil motives, but do you know that when you Chew the alligator seed and put a little of the grinded Alligator pepper in the Mouth of the baby, any body with evil motives will not be able to harm the baby.

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Alligator Alligator Pepper Seed


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