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Top Musician Guru exposes GHAMRO

Top Hiplife artiste, Maradona Yeboah Adjei, better known as Guru NKZ has exposed the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) over royalties of musicians they collect on the blind side of these artistes.

Expressing his shock on Pan African TV’s entertainment programme ‘Swift Africa’ on Saturday, he said he saw an interesting trend online about his tracks on an international platform as the tracks had gathered millions of plays.

 “I decided to follow up on it when I went to the United States of America and I was shocked that it was linked to GHAMRO website. I probed further only to find it linked to a telephone number that was not mine. I will not mention the name of the person under this phone number. The white man at this point asked me…Is that how your system work? I had to lie to protect the dignity of my country. I told him it was a wrong website,” he said.

“There are no laws protecting the Creative Arts Industry in the country. That is why celebrities in this country die as paupers. Government is not supporting us and it is sad,” he added.

Quizzed as to how he thrives in the industry, he indicated that the tours he embarks on around the world is how he makes his money from his craft.

He added that out of curiosity, he stepped into a club to find out the music they played there. He noted that he realized that neighboring countries are injecting lots of dollars on the international fronts to push their music and culture out there where as Ghana is sitting unconcerned.

“You see the ineptitude of governing bodies of Creative Art Industry and Government puts out our fire and it is heartbreaking,” he lamented while talking about his latest track “No Noise”.

He added that as a people we do not support one another. It is about time, the industry recognized the right artistes and seasoned artistes to be precise.

“I hit more in Nigeria than even in my own country. It is about time that they did the right thing by honouring deserving people instead of small fishes. This trend causes strife in the industry.

“Awards are given undeservedly here. The big names who are seasoned and are the real deal are sidelined because they say, they talk too much and are disrespectful. What has disrespect got to do talent? We must move fast and political leaders and industry leaders must help us to progress,” he said.

Content created and supplied by: VeronicaPenelopeOnuman (via Opera News )

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