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Fisherman Decided To Spend His Night On The Biggest Fish Ever Caught In his live

It was a great day and a very joyful one for the fishermen in the Jomoro district. Fishing has been a nightmare since the global outbreak virus started which led us to a lockdown and prevent a lot of work to operate, both public sectors and private sectors. According to the fishermen, every day spend on the sea to fish is a very bad day with a lot of losses. This has put a lot of canon workers to a halt and also have pushed some of the fishermen to shift their profession. The story of fishermen has a very bad one.

Why did he decide to spend his night on the fish?

According to the fishermen report or message, the young man in the above image is having a lot of problems, and about 95 per cent of the problem is financial issues. He has greatly invented a lot in this fishing job since he started. From a reliable source, he started the work, some weeks later, the coronavirus issues chip in which halted all the fishing activities. One thing that made me love him so much is that he never gives up on his work, according to him, is better to wear attire to pretend to go to work rather than sitting there for people to notice how jobless or useless you are in the community especially when you have a wife, kid and a mother to take care.

This young man decided to sleep on the fish after he returns from fishing to the seashore, according to him, today is like a dream come through because he has no choice to park out of his rented room if he did not provide his landlord rent money after work. According to him, he has been borrowing money for the past two months and he thinks at least this fish will save him from moving out from his room and also settle all his depth. He was the head of the team when they caught this fish. His big problem is to pay his rent, cater to his children, wife and his mother, where to get money was a big blow for him. "God being so good this big fish is mine today and forever", he said. Indeed God is great and answers us at our critical moment. I thank God everything is safe now. Hope you will pass on your comment below?

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