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Are These Churches Bringing The Atopa Dance To The Church?

Some churches are acting smart and doing all they can to win souls for Christ. One of the strategies they adopted is to bring Valentine's day celebration into the church.

Valentine is a festival celebrated by almost the whole world on 14th February every year.

It is a day of love and celebrated mostly among the youth as they send their girlfriends out to enjoy themselves. One of the major things they do on that day is to make love to one's fiancee. Drug stores and pharmacies run out of stock as far as condoms are concerned. This is because guys don't want their girlfriends to get pregnant out of wedlock.

Due to the excessive sex among the youth, some of the churches have decided to officially celebrate Val's day in the church to prevent the youth from this immoral act.

If you ask, the expalation is that if the church don't do that the youth will go astray.

Atopa dance is one of the rituals to mark the Ahobaa kese festival in among the Gomoa Fetteh people in Ghana. The dance requires a male to aggressively wind his waist behind a lady.

This immoral part of the festival attracts people from all over the country to take part in the dance especially the youth.

It is even reported that churches in the area close early to allow members to be able to attend the festival.

So now the question is, what is the church going to do in order to prevent the youth from participating in the atopa dance?

Bring a holy version of the atopa dance to the church as it did to Vals day???

In the first place, do you think the church is right about bringing Vals day into the church??

Your opinion is needed.

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