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Your Enemy will always Declare You Guilty even when You Are Innocent - Rev Obofour

There is an Akan adage which transliterates into the English Language as, "You can never please your enemy no matter how well you dance". That means that your enemy has an entrenched position, and that no matter how hard you try, you can never please them.

Man of God popularly known as Reverend Obofour, who happens to be head pastor of the Anointed Palace Chapel (APC) has admonished his congregants and Ghanaians as a whole, to learn to please God and God alone, and not man, since one cannot please all men.

According to the man of God, human beings are such that, when you are in a single room, they will never accuse you of having been involved in any ritual, but the moment God begins to bless you with riches, they will also begin to point accusing fingers at you, claiming you have been involved in some sort of money ritual.

Reverend Obofour added that, when you are in your down moment, no family or friend of yours will come and bless you with capital to start a business, but when God blesses you and you begin to run big businesses, these same people will begin to accuse you of being arrogant and a miser.

"When they come to you and you give them 100 Cedis, they will go and malign you that you are wicked, all because you didn't give them 1,000 Cedis, forgetting that not all the goods in stock is your profit", he noted.

"If you don't mind, go and organize your wedding on the sea, and people will say that you don't have a house and that's why you had your wedding on the sea", the man of God told his congregants.

The only person who understands and will never accuse you wrongly is God, and he alone must you seek to please. Whatever you do, ask yourself if it will please God. If it will, then do it regardless of the fact that men will not be pleased, because it is better to please God than to please man.

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