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Okomfo Anokye and Togbe Tsali were twins born to Ewe Man?

It's difficult to learn the facts after you've already developed an opinion about certain events, especially historical ones. Many people believe Okomfo Anokye is of Akan ancestry, but this has been challenged by historians.

Tsali and Tsala were twin brothers born to Torgbui Akplormada_ who were blessed with powerful spiritual powers and were nearly invincible. Tsala, who later became known as Okomfo Anokye, left his birthplace of Notsie and settled in Awukugua in the present-day Eastern Region, where he was known as "Okomfo Notsie," or "priest of Notsie."

Around 1695, he is said to have returned to Notsie to meet with his brother Tsali before accepting King Osei Tutu of Ashanti's invitation to help create his Kingdom.

There is a complicated lineage involved in this case, as well as a contentious reality about whether or not they were twins brothers.

The actual truth of this story is still hanging in the air. So what do you also think.

Do you believe they were twin brothers base on whatever history you have read or heard about them?

Please leave out your comments and don't forget to share.

Thank you.

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