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All In The Name Of A Movie? Ghanaians React After Coming Across This Video Online (+VIDEO)

A viral video of a young lady on top of a man in a bedroom is currently circulating on social media. This is a local (Twi) movie scene being shot on camera. Check the video very well, the young lady is completely undressed. She is neither wearing a pant or a brassier. You can actually see her breast all over the guy's face.

As for the guy, one cannot tell whether he is wearing boxer shorts or not. But you can see that he is not wearing any shirt; he might probably be 'naked' as well. The crew members were heard in the background of the video telling the young lady to do it well.

They spoke in typical Twi language saying, "Do it well. You need to properly move up and down on top of him". The lady responded by saying, "That is exactly what am doing". But the crew members seem not to be satisfied with her 'chopping' style. The facial expression of the girl shows that she is shy of the crew members in the room.

Some Ghanaians after coming across this video said that it appears our local movie is gradually turning to be a movie full of 'nakedness' because they lack good stories. How can you be acting a scene in a movie where the actress is completely 'naked' on set?

Others said that these days, anybody just picks up a camera and gets some unemployed youths and used them for a 'blue' film like this.

Check out some of the reactions from some Ghanaians below:

You can also watch the full video through the link below:

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