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Check out these funny jokes and you will forget your name.

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As we all know, it something good to stay happy all the time no matter your situation. Being happy if even you are in bad times tend to give you more ability to withstand whatever the problem is.

I just got these for you guys to also make a smile today. Let get started.

1.Girls are generally very beautiful. They are blessed with everything except transportation fee. My guys, should I increase the volume?

2.Whenever I sit in a car closer to a lady, I keep mute and behave well to prove that, all men ain't the same.

3.A woman gets wet when a man touches her. A man gets hard when a woman touches him. This means women make men's life hard. Isn't it true?

4.The reason why people use to sing in the bathroom is just to make people know they are bathing. To avoid "sorry, I didn't know you were inside" after they have seen it all. 

5.They will never apologize from morning till evening. But when it is time for bed, you will hear " baby I'm really sorry" . Men why?

6.How can the world end when I haven't chased my daughter's boyfriend with a cutlass like her mum did to me . Isn't that fair enough?

7. I wonder what ECG will tell God in the judgement day. Simple instruction, "let there be light" you can't obey.

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