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Checkout what this guy decided to do all in the name of getting attention on social media

Many people in their quest to attain fame decide to put up behaviors which I think is unacceptable. A young man who happens to be the focus of this article has got me utterly perplexed after seeing a video of him on the internet just this afternoon. This "social media craze" must come to an abrupt end, it is really making some people go wayward.

I have noticed that some challenges are thrown to users on "TikTok" once a while. Some of these challenges are very cool but surprisingly, most of them are just weird and I wonder who sits down to think about such stuff. A certain guy in a Barcelona Jersey has invited shame upon himself and his family after he decided to partake in one of those trending challenges on the "TikTok" app.

I do not know what the challenge is about but taking a look at the video, I have deciphered that it is about shooting a video in the most unusual place. This guy is old enough to even give people advice but he decided to act like a kid whose brain hasn't developed yet. Why am I likening him to a kid? Well, kids can sit in the mud and even eat the mud without thinking about that.

This is exactly the same thing this guy did. He sat in a stagnated gutter as he bathed with the water in the choked gutter. He did all these in the name of completing a challenge on social media. This is where this social media craze is leading us to. The youth, instead of finding innovative ways to make life comfortable are resorting to doing unnecessary stuff, just to gain attention on the social media. This is the dumbest thing I have seen all day. Here is the video.

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