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4 young celebrities who married old billionaires.

Love is an emotion felt by everyone, love is a sickness and when this virus affects you, you cease to listen to what everyone says. Your emotions does all the talking and your body does all the listening. You refuse to listen to everyone else because you think they are against your well being. Most people believe in love but then there goes the scenario where it becomes awkward due to a very wide age gap. Recently ladies don’t care what others say and marry people who are old enough to be their fathers, let’s say it has become a tradition. Ladies don’t mind being called gold diggers and insulted by the public at all, they just care about the people they are getting married to, after all there will be love and comfort.

Today I bring to you four young women who married billionaires despite their age difference because of love and maybe their money. No lady would like to marry and suffer, due to the circumstances these ladies would rather love and marry billionaires who are rich enough and can take of them even though they are older than marry a young man who will make them suffer. After all love doesn’t care about age. Below are four young women who married African billionaires:

1.Regina Daniels who married Prince Ned

Nwoko Regina Daniels a successful and popular Nigerian actress went viral after rumors went out that she was dating a 61 year old man. Many people didn’t believe this since the man had 3 other wives. Imagine a 20 year old marrying a 61 year old man for love. This went viral and people could stop talking about it on social media. However it’s not our business since they are both very happy and have a very handsome son. Regina Daniels is married to Prince Ned Nwoko as the fourth wife.

2. Lara Fortes who married Adams Oshiomole.

Adams Oshiomole, as he is popularly known, is an influencer politician who was a former governor of his state in Edo state, Nigeria. He married Lara Fortes from Cape Verde in 2015, he brought her to his homeland to tie the knot with her. Lara’s affair with Adams Oshiomole has proven that love does not care about age or age difference. Lara Fortes is 39 years old whiles her husband Adams Oshiomole is 69 years. Maybe she him for money, maybe he married him for love. Maybe he married her to take her to public functions. I guess we will never know.

3. Faith Ikuku married to Chief Micheal Ikuku Although much is not known about Faith Ikuku, we known she is married to a successful Nigerian businessman Mike Ikuku. Faith Ikuku is 33 years ood whiles her billionaire husband is 65 years old. Isn’t love beautiful?

4. Faloshade Noimat Okoya married to Razak Akaani Okoya

Faloshade Noimat Okoya born 25 April 1977 is a Nigerian fashion commentator and the MD/CEO of Eleganza Group, a leading conglomerate in the manufacturing industry in Nigeria founded by her husband, the billionaire industrialist and Aare of Lagos, Chief Razaq Okoya. He is currently 81 years old, and his wife is just 44 years old. The age difference doesn't really matter to them because he takes her everywhere he goes, and she represents him in public occasions. Like I said love is a beautiful thing and age doesn't stand a chance.

Whether for love or money, they are happily married and we should stay out of their business.

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