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From An Average Young Boy To A Celebrity Barbie, How Surgeries Changed The Life Of Jessica Alves

Jessica Alves who's formerly known as Rodrigo Alves Before becoming a TV personality, Alves worked as an air steward.

In 2017, Jessica Alves, who was born a man, shocked the world by announcing publicly that she was now a woman.

While Rodrigo Alves, Jessica's birth name, was a common one for males, Jessica has always been a lover of Barbie since she was young and has always thought of herself as female trapped in a male body.

A few years ago, she gained fame for having plastic surgery to look like a fictional figure named Ken, who just so happens to be a Barbie.

Now that the star has completed her series of gender affirming surgeries, has declared she is now "looking for love.

Jessica Alves has shared that she has lost her virginity since becoming a woman, and that it was an uncomfortable experience.

The reality personality, 38, underwent gender reassignment surgery at the start of 2021, having lived as a man and coming out as transgender in 2020.

She has now found happiness since transitioning and told Brazilian TV show Superpop this week that she has had sex since the change.

Former human Ken Doll Jessica Alves has said she fears dying during surgery to remove 75 percent of her stomach after she was shot at 16.

It does not appear that Jessica is done with plastic surgery just yet.

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