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Ghost and spirits jealousy:- Hold your breath or do not breathe in a cemetery, see reasons why.

Cemeteries are places where dead bodies are kept or buried under the ground in a coffin. Most people doubt the existence of ghost and spirits, please do not think much because they really exist. Let's get started with the main reason why we came here.

Ghost and spirits are dead, they wake up and walk about when something is bothering them. When you are walking around in the cemetery or when you visit a cemetery and you don't hold your breath but breathe out profusely, the ghost and spirits gets jealous.

Thus, they might push you or kill you, so sometimes you will feel as if someone has pushed you in the cemetery. You might either trip or fall unexpectedly, don't take it for granted. Many things happen that the baked eye cannot see unless spiritual.

So do not breathe out profusely in the cemetery and always be prayerful because you don't know what is going on or what might happen.

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