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I have died 3 times and resurrected - 49 Year Old Prophetess Reveals

A prophetess who is called Nana Sika Bonsu has shared her life story and its very inspiring. in an interview with Oheneba Media, the prophetess disclosed that when she was growing up as a child, she always desired to do the work of God since he had pity for human beings whenever they are going through trouble. She added that one thing that she hate was to see her fellow human being going through pain so she desired in her heart to be a vessel through which God will use to bless people. When i was 8 years old, i died through an accident but God brought me back to life due to the work of God i wanted to do.

I never saw anything on my first death at 8 since i was young at that time. My second death experience was when i went to the farm together with my parents and engage myself in an accident. I fell from a tree i climbed and i died completely out of that experience. I saw myself walking at a strange place where every being i saw was looking horrible. They nearly got hold of me but a thunder struck them i came back to the earth. I saw myself at the hospital when i came back to the earth. Indeed that was when i realized that there are other beings living at the other side of this earth.

My third experience with death was when i had grown. I died when i was giving in labor at the hospital, i gave birth alright but the placenta was not coming out so i died out of it. Doctors confirmed that i was dead so they put me among where the dead is being kept. I saw myself out of my body with a bloody gown. I started flying to the heavens and i saw myself at a beautiful place. Everybody was happy there. I saw both adults and children playing together. The city that i saw was beautiful than any other city here on earth. I then saw an old man who told me my time is not up to come there and for that matter i should go back the earth and do the work of God.

The old man told me i haven't finish my work so he touched me and i saw myself in my body. When i nurse came to my room and realized that am up on my bed, she run away since she thought it was a ghost. They later realized that am not a ghost so they came to me and helped me out. I had been there for 4 days but i came back to life because of God. There is life after death so everybody must live his or her life well. Kindly leave your comments, share and follow us for more updates. Thank you.

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