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Netizens Call SAGA "Mumu Guy" For Betraying and Exposing Biggie All Because of Love

Big Brother Nigeria has become a show that many people enjoy as they get to see the true nature of some personalities when confined with other people for a long period.

The current season "Shine Your Eyes Edition" has been received by many as boring as many are too calm and collected and some have developed relationships with each other, therefore being afraid to hurt their partners.

"Biggie", the main organizer and controller of the show to make the show more interesting due to ongoing protest from watchers decided to provide some entertaining value by causing controversy especially among contestants who have coupled up.

He thus asked Liquorose and SAGA who are in relationships with Emmanuel and Nini respectively, to prank their corresponding partners by ignoring, fighting, and avoiding them. In return, Biggie promised to reward them with massive amounts of tokens that have financial value.

Liquorose gladly accepted the challenge and went on her mission of doing as Biggie requested, and playing her part perfectly, so much so that Emmanuel is seen begging Liquorose to forgive him for whatever he has done.

SAGA on the other hand rejected the offer from Biggie. A simple rejection of the offer would have been fine, however, SAGA went the extra mile of then betraying and Exposing Biggie to Nini. He revealed to her what Biggie asked him to do to her.

This action of SAGA has garnered a lot of Backlash towards him as many are calling him "Mumu" as he is indirectly sacrificing his competitiveness in the entire reality show because of love. Meanwhile, the person he is going the extra mile for would have gladly accepted the offer from Biggie.

Also, the diary session between contestants and Biggie is to remain private, thus, revealing what he and Biggie discussed during his diary session is something which Biggie would not be pleased with.

Below are some roasts from Netizens.

Video of Saga exposing Biggie:

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