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Believe It Or Not - A young boy who looks more like a girl is causing traffic online (See Photos)

The unchecked inflow of Western culture has rendered once-revered African cultures a mockery beyond comprehension. The majority of societies in countries on the African continent are growing up in a man who dresses like a woman. This new style of 'fashion' is known as cross dressing.

Cross-dressing is the act of wearing clothes not often related to sex. Cross-dressing was used in modern times and throughout history for the purpose of disguising, comfort, comedy and self-expression. It has become a norm in the world of today.

The glamorization of the cross-dressings has increased in recent times in our neighboring country Nigeria, as a strange act seemed more famous and acceptable than in the last hundred years.

However, in certain situations, everyone may tell whether or not someone is a cross dresser. This is because many dressers also have outstanding innate gender traits that cannot be overlooked. These traits may be muscular or "strong" (as in the case of some male cross-dressers).

Mr. Marenzo is not a "regular" in the male dressing scene in the same way as some others are. Despite the fact that his body is biologically male, almost everyone would be perplexed at first glance.

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